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Portable Power Station

We work for victory!

Заряджаємо люттю!

About us

PS- this is the production of portable charging stations in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk!

We are PPS, a Ukrainian company based in Ivano-Frankivsk that started manufacturing portable charging stations for the military during the full-scale russian invasion. Our mission is to provide reliable power sources for soldiers, and our product line has been designed specifically for military needs. Over 150 positive reviews from soldiers serve as evidence that our charging stations are effective in combat conditions.


Since May 2022, we have manufactured over 2371 charging stations for the military, including 104 that we donated as military aid to support the troops, sent free of charge by our company.

Additionally, we execute custom orders for military organizations and have experience in developing energy independence projects for critical civilian infrastructure.

PPS is interested in new developments, growth opportunities, joint ventures, and collaborations on new projects to advance manufacturing in Ukraine.

Explore our showcase below for completed special projects.

Source of emergency power supply for traffic lights

УПС, безперебійник

PPS, in cooperation with the Ivano-Frankivsk city council, developed an autonomous battery-based system that keeps traffic lights running during power outages. This winter, we installed 10 of these systems at key intersections.
Based on lithium-ion batteries and designed for extended battery life, our system provides 12 hours of uninterrupted power on the busiest road crossings and recharges fully in just 2 hours.
With weather-resistant construction and built-in protection, the system provides an uninterruptible power supply with a response time of 0.2 seconds.

Custom Order (10kWh) for Special Operations Forces (SOF)

Портативна зарядна станція для військових

Our team at PPS fulfilled a custom order for a Portable Power Source with a capacity of 10.2 kWh, specifically designed for SOF.
The device is designed to be equipped in a vehicle, while also being easily transportable to a military command building or other location.
It features a power output of 220V 6kW (15kW surge) through 6 outlets, as well as 12 USB-QC outputs.
The device can be charged through both 220V input and solar panels, with a charging time of just а few hours.

Custom Order (7kWh) for Special Operations Forces (SOF)

портативна зарядна станція, 10,5 кВт

Our Portable Power Source for SOF with a capacity of 7 kWh includes an output of 220V 4kW via 4 outlets and also has 8 USB-QC 5V DC outputs for connecting various devices.
With a charging time of just 5 hours from 0% to 100%, this device has been designed to meet all military needs.

Both stations have been in operation for nearly a year, serving in military operations.

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